Case Studies



Julie had spent the last two years working overtime to reach client expectations. She was just plain tired and her staff was exhausted. But the work kept piling up, and she didn't know if she could jump in and do it again. Working 60+ hours a week wasn't her cup of tea anymore and she knew she was burning out. She wanted to spend more time with her kids but she didn't see how she could with all the work. She kept asking herself, "Is it really worth all this?"

Of course, the answer was no. After hiring JWC Group and learning what it really means to see results, Julie discovered that she could increase productivity AND get home for dinner without sacrificing client results.


Julie shifted from being a technician to being a leader. One of the first exercises her coach had Julie do was take a good look at the things she was doing every day. It turned out that Julie was spending more than 50 percent of her time doing account executive work. She didn't focus any attention on new business development, which was her real job as VP. Julie and her JWC Coach created a Dream Team concept that allowed Julie to hire the right people to take care of clients while she focused on being a leader. It took one year but Julie feels as if she finally has the right team in place.

Focus more time on things that matter. Another problem Julie experienced was that she was constantly putting out fires all day long. Her JWC Coach helped her create theme days — what she calls Laser Days, Support Days, and Free Days -- to build momentum and get more done in less time. Julie's new business efforts have tripled, her staff is happy, and she has been able to retain her top talent with her new work style.

Go home, and stop working at night and on weekends. Once Julie got a sense of what truly mattered at work, she and her staff were able to stop working so much and take more time off. They were now focused on profit-oriented behavior and got their workloads under control so the compulsion to work long hours was alleviated.

Julie was recently promoted to Vice President, and is fully enjoying her work, her family and her own personal time off. Yes, she got promoted while cutting back her work hours because her JWC Coach helped Julie create results in areas that truly matter.