Speaker Tells Chamber How to Work Less, Make More

As seen in The Frederick News-Post
by Ed Waters, Jr.
September 29, 1999

Can you work less and make more?

Yes, according to a nationally known speaker who addressed members and guests Tuesday at the Chamber of Commerce of Frederick County's business expo breakfast.

Jennifer White, author of "Work Less, Make More," said the three keys to success are doing what you do best, harnessing the power of focus, and developing powerful relationships.

Ms. White said don't confuse what you do best with what you like to do. One of her clients was an avid golfer, so he thought he should open a retail golf shop. "He found he had to deal with the retail business, not being out playing golf. So it didn't work. Now he is back in a corporate job and playing golf five days a week!" White said.

She said people have taken the idea of "balance" too far in juggling work, life, family, and everything else. She said people need to keep what is good for their life, while discarding anything in their business life that is not adding value to their career.

"If you don't know what you do best, ask five people you trust and who will tell you the truth," White said.

People are easily consumed by their job and "time management" may not be the answer. Cramming as much as one can into a day isn't always productive. She said as much as 80 percent of what we do can be eliminated so we could spend more time focusing on ourselves and what we really want out of our lives.

White launched her own business five years ago after her husband asked her one day: "When are you going to quit your job?" She said she had become so consumed by her corporate career there was little or no time left for a real life.

"We can become totally burned out, stressed out, and exhausted." White said. You can tell when you are working less and making more when you take at least three vacations a year with no work-related materials; you make it home in time for dinner; you easily turn down business or say no to projects you don't want to do; you pay bills and invest money and still have some left; when people tell you they have never seen you so calm and serene; you don't miss family events; you are inspired by your job and not consumed by it; you have time to return calls and e-mail and eat lunch; your income increases and you can't remember the last time you felt stressed out.

"It is not an overnight process, it takes times," White said, "and you don't have to quit your job to implement this."

She said that while you should develop strong business relationships, the most important relationship to establish is with yourself. "And don't use excuses such as 'I'll do this when all the kids are out of college,' or 'I'll do this after my next promotion'."

Following the breakfast, the business expo was opened, featuring 60 exhibitors in all fields of business -- from banks and construction to computers and office supplies. The expo also featured seminars throughout the day on a variety of business-related topics.

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