Reduce Stress, Increase Success

Small Business News - August 1998
by Sheri King

Of course it's important to reduce stress for your employees. But what about the boss? Is it really possible for you to reduce stress and still succeed? It's not only possible, it's essential, says Cincinnati's Jennifer White, president of success-coaching firm The JWC Group.

To reduce stress to manageable levels, White suggests the following:

Realize that the communications overload produced by technology is not going to go away. Check your e-mail and voicemail twice each day. Allow yourself two days to respond. Alert your colleagues and clients about your communication schedule so they know what to expect.

Build a strong support system that includes the proper people and resources for overcoming your challenges.

Never try to save money by skimping on quality employees and technology.

List all your work-related responsibilities and time expenditures for a week. Decide which 20 percent of those tasks are really most important for you to do personally, and delegate the remaining work.

Realize that work is a part of your life, it's not your life. Choose to work 40 to 45 hours per week. Don't give out your home phone number, and when you're away from the office turn off your pager and cell phone.