Local Author Spends Time Relaxing

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October, 1998

Work Less, Make More is the title ofa new book by a local author, Jennifer White. She not only lives and works in Cincinnati, but also writesa column you may have read in the Business Courier.

So how did she have time to write a book while working, keeping up with an entrepreneur husband, caring for seven pets as well as finding time for yoga, meditation and "really good breakfasts?" Maybe you thinkher book title sounds impossible in today's success-oriented world filled with workers racing to keep up to date in a technology society.

'Cause everyone knows there's too little time to do what we enjoy and wa-a-a-y-y-y too much stuff to get done. Maybe this lament sounds familiar, whether you're a parent of active kids and in charge of the school'swinter festival or whether you're in the business world putting in 80 hours a week and using a laptop, fax and email on frequent business trips to faraway places.

Jennifer White faced up to her "workaholic" label when her husband one day asked her, "When are you going to quit your job?" She replied, "Why would I want to do that?" and he said, "Because I don't like who you're becoming." Whoa. Powerful stuff here, maybe because it hits home for a lot of us.

Recently, Ms. White met to talk about her book, which provides strategies to avoid overworking. She calls overworking a block, not a stepping stone. Says overwork is an addiction which isolates and causes us to neglectrelationships. And she offers ways to "handle the time machine: so that you have t

As a compliment to her book, Ms. White is clearly living just what she writes about. We met at Starbucks for coffee one morning. It could have been awkward. We'd never met before and could have been separated by age, abilities and interests. But within ten seconds, we were laughing and interrupting one another's sentences, like old friends who can't wait to cover everything. You'd never guess that she's recently given major interviews on radio, TV and for national magazines because she was totally into what was going on with us. We were having a great time.

That's what the "Mak(ing) More" part of her book title is all about. Yes, it's about making more money if that's what you want, but it's also about finding more joy in each moment of the day. Even though, technically, Jennifer White was working, she was making the most of the opportunity to use her passion, her brilliance. While talking about her new book, she was able to sit in the sunshine, drink a little coffee and laugh with a new friend.

You're saying, if that's work, give me more of it! How many times do we approach work tasks with reluctance, dreading the ordeal, looking desperately for motivation to get the job done? What Work Less, Make More offers is not how to find motivation (an external force) but how to find inspiration (an internal fire).

Amid conversations about the personalities of our dogs and cats, husbands and homes, Jennifer managed to explain what "success Coaching" is all about. This relatively new profession never tries to ferret out personal weaknesses, but focuses instead on the client's strengths. Success coaches are sounding boards, mentors, cheerleaders, teammates, support systems and psychologists -- all rolled up into one. They're about finding better ways to do things. And success coaches don't need clients to schedule weekly office visits face to face. Instead, they often work over the phone with follow up questions done by fax or email.

Ms. White has a team of coaches on staff and a website you can visit at http://www.worklessmakemore.com if you'd like more information. Success coach fees begin at $400 per month. If you like to surf the web, you're welcome to do so. In the meantime, you'll enjoy reading Work Less, Make More if you'd like to read, revamp, reinvent, renew and remakeyour life.

What have you got to lose? Better yet, what do you have to gain?

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