Working the Clock

The Charlotte Observer
Audrey Williams
November 23, 1998

Some of this year's hottest business-book authors have hired Celia Rocks of Hickory to publicize their books. But five months ago, she decided to turn the tables and hire one of her clients, Jennifer White of Cincinnati, as a success coach. White wrote the popular book "Work Less, Make More."

"You talk to her about what your goals are, and she helps you stay focused," Rocks said. Rocks wanted to manager her day better so she'd have free time to spend with her two children. On White's advice, Rocks bought a stop watch. Whenever the phone rings, she turns it on. If it's not a client, she gives the caller up to 10 minutes, then she politely excuses herself.

Another lesson Rocks has learned: "Do what you're brilliant at and write a check for everything else."

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