Jennifer White's 10-Step Mastery System

by Dr. Mary D. Bell
Four Corners Magazine (October/November 2000)

Make More of Yourself and More Money!
How would it feel to stop working so hard and create the life you really want? That's the subtitle of Jennifer White's new self-improvement guide: Work Less, Make More. Designed for progressive people, this may be your ticket to freedom, success, and prosperity.

Author Jennifer White is president of The JWC Group, a success coaching company whose clients include AT&T, Proctor & Gamble, Fidelity Investments and people like you and me. In 1999, 24% of the JWC Group's coaching clients doubled their income. An amazing 73% increased their income by 30% or more. The system works!

White says the goal of Work Less, Make More is that you find so much joy in what you do every day that you leave work energized and renewed rather than burned out and exhausted. You'll learn how to redesign your time to dramatically cut your work hours, leaving plenty of time to do what really lights you up.

Do Less To Achieve More: Discover Your Highest Payoff Activities
White's 10-step program helps you discover what you do best, what she's termed your brilliance. When you leverage your brilliance, you'll be more creative and full of ideas that enhance your profitability. White wants readers to nourish their heart and spirit, making a good income in the process.

Harnessing the power of focus, you'll learn to do less to achieve more. You'll prioritize in an entirely new way. According to White, absolutely anyone can work this program, in any business or industry, no matter what your level and benefit.

Here's how the "Power of Three" (freedom, success, and prosperity) helped Lauren, an overworked and frazzled realtor. When she identified her highest payoff goals and activities, Lauren realized that 75% of her daily activities had nothing to do with her top priorities in her business and life. Today, she's reversed those ratios, exceeding previous income goals while enjoying a balanced, happier life.

Dancing Your Way To What Matters Most!
Defining a compelling, measurable vision is core to Work Less, Make More. There's one catch. You've got to be willing to let go of what's filling up your life, the busyness that keeps you from facing what's not working. You'll learn success secrets like duplicating yourself and how to create multiple sources of income.

Mary used Work Less, Make More principles to eliminate procrastination. Stuck in a no-growth comfort zone, Mary took action to design her life exactly the way she wanted it. She stopped putting her life on hold. Mary kicked the procrastination habit that kept her running in place and unfulfilled. She learned to focus on results that matter most.

Passion + Mastery = Wealth
White's 10-step success program is overflowing with exercises that guide you through the process of leaving the "herd mentality". You'll master, not just manage, time. What are the things that if you did them everyday, would help you create an incredible future? Applying the 80/20 Success Rule, you'll start spending your time in high pay-off activities. Those are things that add tremendous value and create enormous impact. You've just got to make them top priority! You'll learn to focus 80% of your time on your three most important activities to profit from your brilliance. Try on the Work Less, Make More Success formula: Passion + Mastery = Wealth.

Make More of Your Life
Work Less, Make More is about so much more than time and money. Because everyone's work is so individualized, you've got to know what you, personally, want more of. If it means more time, fantastic! If it means more money, great! White stresses that "Making More" is not just about making more money. Making more is about making more of your life. You'll have the freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it!

Bob, an executive, spent too much time in low-payoff activities like returning phone calls, putting out fires, handling interruptions. When Bob harnessed the power of focus, choosing a narrow area of work he was extremely passionate about, amazing things happened. He started leaving the office much earlier and felt great about it!

Say Yes To Yourself!
White believes it's critical to learn to say "yes" to yourself while saying "no" to old habits blocking your success. White's system teaches you how to develop a powerful new relationship with yourself the most commonly neglected ingredient for success. Saying "yes" to yourself means taking time to recharge and revitalize. That means plenty of guilt-free time off!

Making More Is Spiritually Correct
You'll learn to base your life on who you are, not what you do. And that's the spiritually correct way to do business and life. Most people believe that wealth means having money. Work Less, Make More focuses not only on how you can have plenty of time and money, but on how you can have plenty of all the other wonderful things, too. Life is not about sacrificing who you are for some large paycheck. At the end of your life, you won't remember how much money you made. You'll remember the lives that were intertwined with you.

Creating Abundance To Actively Make A Difference
"Making More" is all about creating abundance in every area of your life: a wealth of opportunities, happiness, money, ideas, relationships, time, and space. Making more money while pursuing spiritual development are compatible goals. With more money available, you can contribute to organizations you believe in, says White. You are free to spend time making a difference, not just eking out a living.

Work Less, Make More was designed to spur you into action. Each chapter provides a minimum of seven action steps, more than 100 action steps you can take to make Work Less, Make More a reality. "This isn't just a book. It's jam packed with real tools you can use to make more of your life."

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